** Update 1/25/2022:

There will be a limit to the missing reward amount you can receive that is based on your lifetime points. Please see Missing Bonus Limits below:


If you have met the offer requirements, waited for 24 hours and still have not received your reward, you can apply for missing reward bonus by contacting support@cashkarma.io

Note: We only issue the actual reward amount of the offer. Offer Boost and Reward Level Bonus will not be issued. 

Please include ALL of the following:

  1. Your username
  2. Name of the offer
  3. Screenshot of the offer (must shows the requirement)
  4. Screenshot(s) of proof that you've completed the offer

You will not qualify:

  • If you accessed the offer from outside of your country
  • If you have already been rewarded for the offer
  • If you have previously received a missing reward bonus for the offer
  • If we find any fraudulent activity flagged on your account


Missing Bonus Limits

1) You MUST complete at least 1 app offer OR 1 playtime offer in order to apply for a missing reward. 

2) Max missing reward bonus you will receive per offer depends on your Earnings Badge level (check your profile page)

No Earnings Badge :  Up to 1000 points 

Earnings Badge Level 1 : Up to 5000 points

Earnings Badge Level 2: Up to 10000 points

Earnings Badge Level 3: Up to 17500 points

Earnings Badge Level 4: Up to 30000 points